Reaching people lost in the devastation of addiction

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Do you know someone with an addiction problem and wonder if they can really be free? Rich and Susan found freedom from twenty-five years of slavery to drugs and alcohol and in this series, will share their experience and Biblically based resources to help you or someone you love to be free.

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It’s okay to have emotions but it’s not okay for your emotions to have you! In this, series learn how to identify feelings, what motivates our actions and Biblically based solutions to manage emotions.

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Questions From Prison

What does it mean to be in bondage? Have you ever felt trapped and see no way out? This series is based on discussions and questions from people behind a literal wall of captivity.

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Questions I’d Like to Ask God

In this series, Rich shares about a God who loves you more than you can image, a God that wants you to understand him, and yes, a God who wants you to ask tough questions about Himself and the way He runs His universe.

Kingdom of God

Why are we so selfish? Why are we so sinful? This series of messages address what happened to the human brain and the only true remedy—Jesus Christ. These programs offer practical help through Bible stories and how God fixes our minds and hearts.