April 4, 2016

Radio Shows



Freedom to Choose” is our 26-minute radio program designed to help addicts—along with their friends and family—overcome the devastation of their addictions. Each program features inspirational stories and practical, concrete steps toward achieving freedom from addiction.

You can listen to “Freedom to Choose” on 710AM and 105.7FM The Word in Sacramento, California, every Friday at 3:00pm. We hope you’ll tune in to get solid, dependable support that will make a real difference in your life.

If you’ve missed a program or live in an area where you don’t receive KFIA, you can listen to our archives by choosing a series below! Just click VIEW MORE

Some episodes may not play. We are in the process of changing providers and things should be back soon. This notice will be removed when things are back working 100%. If you’d like to listen to a show and can’t here, please contact us.